8 Factors that Determine Your Custom Labels Cost

Custom Labels or stickers add value to your packaging, whether for branding or product identification. And it’s a thriving industry, too, raking in more than $5 billion in retail sales in 2020. Besides, it is a federal requirement for products to provide correct information on the product label

Custom labels set your products apart from the competition. That is if you use your custom labels, not generic ones. However, not all food or product custom label orders will cost the same, here are the main factors that determine your custom labels cost

1. Custom Labels Printing Type

Custom labels cost will vary depending on the printing type. Flexographic or digital

Flexo label printing type involves a flexible plate to transfer different kinds of ink to various surfaces of your custom labels. This printing type is fast, efficient with vibrant colors, and appropriate for high-volume and long-run custom labels orders

Digital printing is the thinking man’s alternative and cost-effective printing type for small quick turnaround and short-run orders of your custom label. It has a lower setup cost since you don’t need to create physical plates for your custom labels or sticker. What’s more, it is best for custom labels as it’s weatherproof.

2. Custom Labels Type

The three major label types are sheet, roll, and cut-to-size. Roll type is the most affordable and cost-effective option, while cut-to-size is the most expensive of the custom labels.

3. Custom Labels Amount of Colors 

factors that determine your custom labels cost

Overall, the label art design with more colors means more printing steps and higher costs. Regardless of the printing process type. For digital, the number of colors doesn’t affect the price, but the amount of ink coverage on your custom labels or sticker does. As mentioned, the Digital print type is a great option for small short-run orders or if the information on the label changes often because there is little setup cost.

For flexographic, the number of colors and ink coverage will affect the cost. Since the Flexo print process requires separate print plates for each color. Flexographic is a great option for medium and high-volume orders.

Sometimes it is not easy to limit the number of colors for your custom label design. In the end, you want your label to stand out on your product. Here are a few tips for reducing your custom label cost and maximizing the color

  • Print in CMYK, especially for short-run digital printing orders.
  • Create your custom label art design with fewer colors if you have a long run and high-volume order for Flexo printing type
  • Work with your printer on the label design. They can make suggestions to help reduce the overall cost of your custom labels 

4. Custom Labels Shape 

factors that determine your custom labels cost

While circle, oval, square, rectangular, and rounded corner rectangle (RCR) custom adhesive labels may seem like unique shapes that could cost more, the shape of custom labels does not significantly impact the cost unless it is a truly special custom adhesive label.

5. Custom Labels Size

Another factor affecting your custom label cost is the size of the label. Smaller custom labels will cost less to produce because one roll will fit more small custom adhesive labels than larger ones. Additionally, you’ll require less labor to print smaller custom sticker labels.

6. Custom Labels Material

You have a choice of materials, such as:

  • Semi-gloss paper
  • Matte
  • Clear film 
  • White film
  • Holographic
  • Metallic 

The fancier the material, the more the custom labels will cost. For example, a holographic, metallic, clear/white film material will cost more than Semi-gloss paper and matte paper materials custom labels because of the unique printing material. When selecting a suitable material for your custom adhesive labels, you need to consider its uses to determine durability. For instance, a clear or white film material will produce more durable custom adhesive labels than a semi-gloss material, but it also costs more.

7. Custom Labels Adhesive Types

You can choose between cold temp, removable, dissolvable, repositionable, and permanent custom adhesive labels. Cold temp custom adhesive labels are suitable for freezers as they are moisture and water-resistant. Removable labels come off easily by peeling. Dissolvable labels are designed to dissolve under any water temperature without leaving a residue. Permanent custom adhesive labels do not come off easily, so they are suitable for products that require special instructions. However, they cost more than temporary and removable custom adhesive labels. Generally, custom adhesive labels will also cost more than standard labels.

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8. Custom Labels Quantity

Printing custom labels or stickers in bulk will always reduce the unit cost, and you’ll probably qualify for discount rates for bulk orders and payments for custom labels.

Final Word – what determines custom labels cost are numerous factors like order size, label material, print process type, shape, and size.

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