Abby's Legendary Pizza Custom SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Label (Case Study)

Dot It creates a custom SecureIt™ tamper-evident label for Abby's Legendary Pizza in an effort to give peace of mind to deliery and carry-out customers.

The Client

Abby's Legendary Pizza began in July of 1964. Two long-time friends and high school classmates, Albert Broughton and James Harrell opened the doors of the very first Abby’s Pizza Inn on N.E. Stephens in Roseburg, Oregon. By 1997, Abby’s Legendary Pizza locations could be found from Wenatchee, Washington to Medford, Oregon. Today, there are 35 Abby’s locations serving hungry pizza customers throughout Washington and Oregon.

The Challenge

Abby's Legendary Pizza sought a custom tamper-evident labeling solution for their pizza boxes. Abby's Legendary Pizza wanted to match their Abby's red branding and have the custom labels distributed to their thirty-five locations.

Abby's Legendary Pizza wanted the label to be easy to remove from the liner for fast, efficient application, adhere well to pizza boxes, and tear if tampered with to give their customers peace of mind for all delivery and carry-out orders.

The Challenge

The custom SecureIt™ label created for Abby's Legendary Pizza had three main goals:

  1. Tamper-evident label design intended to protect and secure pizza boxes
  2. Match Abby's Legendary Pizza branding and messaging
  3. Distribution to all Abby's Legendary Pizza locations

The Solution

Dot It designed, produced, and distributed a custom SecureIt™ tamper-evident label for Abby's Legendary Pizza. All custom tamper-evident labels were designed with specialty security slits that tear if tampered with. The 1"X3" label is easy to apply and fits securely to pizza boxes. Labels are distributed to all Abby's Legendary Pizza locations, and stores utilize Dot It's email, phone, and live chat support for ongoing account queries.

"SecureIt™ labels have been quite the hit! We have started to call them our "Freshness Seals" and we’ve been using them for almost all of our delivery and carry-out orders."

- Karie Harker, Office & Marketing Manager, Abby's Legendary Pizza

"Abby's Legendary Pizza uses Dot It's, SecureIt™ labels to ensure our carry-out and delivery orders remain fresh and secure for our customers, and they love it! I would recommend SecureIt™ labels to any restaurant during this time of 3rd party delivery, like UberEats and DoorDash."

- Doug Phillips, Abby’s Legendary Pizza, VP of MarketingThe Results

The Results

The custom SecureIt™ labels have become a mainstay of Abby's Legendary Pizza operations. Karie Harker, Office & Marketing Manager, comments that they are their "Freshness Seals." Abby's Legendary Pizza orders are protected and offer peace of mind for a safe and secure delivery and carry-out experience.

Learn more about custom SecureIt™ labels online, email, or call 800-642-3687.

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