convenience store marketing ideas

Gas and convenience stores have become a staple of American life; you’re likely to come across one every few blocks. The industry has become crowded, so staying visible to customers is challenging.

One of the best ways to attract and retain more customers is through marketing and promotion. Therefore, it was no surprise to learn that in 2021, American companies spent over $285 billion on marketing. If you own a gas and convenience store, how do you promote and boost sales in your store?

Convenience store and gas station owners market a bit differently compared to other businesses. You have different points to showcase advertisements at a convenience store, including at the pump, on the windows, and inside the store.

Here are five convenience store marketing ideas that should bring in more customers and improve sales. 

Loyalty Program For Convenience Stores

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to cement your relationship with customers. They are a cost-effective way to build brand loyalty and get more repeat customers from people who visit the gas or convenience store regularly. It pays to do so, as 57% of customers say they typically spend more on brands they are loyal to. Build the perfect loyalty and gas rewards app for your convenience store customers.

Get Your Convenience Store Seen on Google Maps 

It's crucial that customers understand how to get to your store if you want more people to frequent your store. Use Google My Business to quickly complete this on your own.

Build up Online Reviews

Never undervalue the influence of consumer online reviews. Pay close attention to consumer insights about their experience in your convenience store and make sure to respond to their feedback or concerns.  

Promote Breakafst Menu 

Make your convenience store the "go to" location for the nearby customers who need a convenient breakfast provided quickly at an early hour by marketing breakfast items and menu 

Maximize Your Sales with Graphics & POP Displays

Convenience store print solutions like gas pump advertising displays/ gas station signs help pull in customers who otherwise wouldn’t have stopped by. Print out bold, eye-catching designs to make your brand stand out. You can print out banners, brochures, menus, and business cards. 

Point of Purchase (POP) materials help educate customers about a product at the point of purchase, typically placed next to the item they’re promoting. Examples of POP materials include posters, banners, and convenience store/ gas station decals/ window stickers.

POP materials are promotional and help increase a product’s visibility. These materials serve to create an emotional link between shoppers and products. 

Another way to advertise using graphics is to change your signage frequently. This can be to match holidays like Easter, Halloween, or Christmas. Additionally, pair these holidays with coinciding products. For example, sell Christmas cookies, lights, wrappers, and cards during Christmas. If it’s Halloween, sell costumes or theme sweets.

gas station graphics

Types Of Convenience Store Graphics/ Displays

  • Retail Display Graphics such as shelf-talkers and labels 
  • POP Signage (Point of Purchase)
  • Convenience Store Gondola Displays
  • POS Signage (Point of Sale)
  •  Wall Graphics
  •  Window Graphics such as window clings & decals 
  • Menu Boards Displays
  • C-Store Floor Graphics
  • Promotional Pump Toppers

Advertise at the Pump!

People have a few minutes to spare as they fill up their tanks. Pump toppers are a great way to advertise products at the convenience store. When choosing what to promote, print out items that sell the most whenever people stop to pump gas. 

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