Dot It Announces Evan Buell as General Manager

Dot It is excited to announce that Evan Buell, previously serving as Dot It’s Chief Operating Officer, has transitioned to General Manager!

Evan Buell brings with him a proven track record of success in both Business and Operations leadership. With seven years of management experience and fifteen years in professional operations and manufacturing environments, Evan is an ideal fit for the General Manager role. His core passion lies in developing teams to grow and exceed expectations to deliver desired results across an enterprise.

Future Outlook

Evan comments, “I am thrilled to continue my journey with Dot It as their General Manager. I am confident that my passion for innovation and dedication to operational excellence will allow Dot It to propel forward and exceed our organizational goals.”

Dot It announce new general manager

Exhibiting a servant leadership mindset, Evan consistently and constantly pursues excellence - always placing a high priority on communication, collaboration, and data to drive deliberate decisions. As someone with a fervor for innovation, Evan is constantly tinkering with processes and products - fueled by his technical expertise and background.

Expertise & Core Competencies

Evan's areas of expertise are highlighted by his strategic planning and cover a wide array of disciplines ranging from enterprise data analysis and forecasting to Six Sigma Lean methodologies and 5S. Additional areas of focus include process and occupational safety, regulatory compliance, and product design that speak to advancing both effectiveness and efficiency for Dot It products.

Connect With Us

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