Dot It improves sustainability practices with a new core partner

Continuation of Sustainable Initiatives

Sustainability is critical in today’s manufacturing industry, with stakeholders seeking better ways to reduce waste and conserve resources. The essence of sustainability goes beyond the environment as it also entails protecting social and economic resources. As part of our commitment to support sustainable initiatives, Dot It has a corporate responsibility program that integrates social, economic, and environmental concerns in our business operations. That’s not all. The company is switching to a new core provider to help reduce our paper cores waste. Dot It considers the new suitable partner since they share a similar vision regarding sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Reducing Paper Waste

Reducing paper waste is one of our goals to be aligned with our corporate responsibility program. This new partnership will aid our business in reducing our paper core waste by approximately 137,359 pounds per year, consequently minimizing the burden on our landfills.

Maintaining Product Quality

Dot It’s new partner recycles over 210,000 tons of paper annually, saving over 3.5 million trees yearly. These measures go a long way to saving over 630,000 cubic yards of waste from landfills.

The other reason Dot It is switching to the new core provider is that this company is environmentally responsible using vertical integration to ensure sustainability without compromising product quality.

Replenish Natural Resources

Dot It provides eco-friendly custom labels and print fulfillment services. Since our business requires various materials extracted from natural resources, we must remain at the forefront of upholding sustainable initiatives. Whether you need custom labels or packaging solutions, you need to find an eco-friendly print fulfillment service that cares about the environment and the conservation of resources. Dot It is your partner as far as sustainability is concerned.

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