New Antimicrobial Paper Stock

Protect your print from unwanted microbes!

Dot It continually seeks ways to improve our products and service solutions. As your single-source print partner, we have sourced a new antimicrobial paper stock to improve our print capabilities. Antimicrobial paper protects against unwanted microbes that cause degradation, discoloration, staining, or odors. Color laser printable antimicrobial synthetic papers can be cleaned with soapy water, bleach or safely disinfected with a wide variety of alcohol-based cleaning agents without removing the print.

The paper is treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology which was tested in independent laboratory testing and demonstrated a 99.99% reduction in microbes after 24 hours, including when there is 100% toner coverage.

Benefits of antimicrobial paper:

  • Prevents the growth of unwanted microbes
  • Clean without affecting print quality
  • Durable and wipeable with soapy water or alcohol-based cleaning agents

Antimicrobial paper has limitless application, and can be used for durable menus, back-of-house-print such as recipe and line cards, POS counter cards, placemats, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the antimicrobial additive last?

For the lifetime of the product. As long as the coating remains, the antimicrobial efficacy remains.

How Does It Work?

A newly launched antimicrobial digital synthetic paper is treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology, which provides product protection against unwanted microorganisms that could damage the papers, with independent laboratory testing demonstrating a 99.99% reduction in microbes after 24 hours.

What Happens If the Surface is Repeatedly Wiped With Sanitizer?

Repeated cleaning is fine, as long as the coating is not removed, there will be no effect on antimicrobial efficacy.

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