New Biodegradable Straws & Cutlery Kits

New Product: Biodegradable Straws & Cutlery Kits For Restaurants 

As consumer awareness of environmental issues continues to grow, more businesses are looking for ways to operate more sustainably. As a result, there has been an increasing focus on biodegradable utensils and packaging.

Dot It is leading the way in this area with various biodegradable solutions, such as biodegradable straws and cutlery kits for restaurants. This supports environmentally friendly initiatives and helps transition to 100% biodegradable food packaging and utensils. This is a significant step forward in reducing plastic pollution and positively impacting the environment.

  • StrawFish biodegradable straws and cutlery designed to look like plastic but are 100% biodegradable in under 27 weeks in accelerated natural landfill conditions.
  • Consumers can now feel comfortable using biodegradable disposable utensils since they won't last forever.
  • Biodegradable disposables reflect the company's environmental, social, and corporate governance scores. 

Biodegradable Utensils Products

StrawFish biodegradable utensils are made from natural materials that can decompose completely in a matter of weeks. Unlike plastic utensils, they will not leave behind any toxic residue or microplastics. This contrasts with traditional plastic utensils, which can take centuries to decompose. Not only are biodegradable utensils more environmentally friendly, but they are just as durable and functional as their plastic counterparts

biodegradable straws and utensils


Straws & Cutlery Products

These biodegradable utensils are made from renewable resources. For example, all biodegradable disposables are made from oyster shells. These shells are a renewable resource that can be reused repeatedly. The shell materials mean that these products are hypoallergenic and less likely to cause an allergic reaction in people with sensitivities.

  • Biodegradable designed to look, feel, and work like plastic
  • Won't dissolve in drinks!
  • Heat-resistant
  • FDA-approved and tested in accordance with ASTM* D5526
  • Custom colors available 

Another benefit of biodegradable utensils is that they are FDA-approved. This means they are certified to be safe for humans and the environment. For instance, they don't dissolve in drinks like some non-biodegradable straws. They look, feel, and work just like plastic, without negative environmental impact. Better still, they have been tested per ASTM D5526. Finally, biodegradable utensils are heat-resistant. You can use them for hot foods without melting or leaching chemicals into your food.


The Cons of Single-use Plastics Ending Up in Landfills

the pros and cons of biodegradable straws

Using something once and then throwing it away isn't sensible. Why create something that will only be used for a few minutes, hours, or days? Especially when that is something from material that will take centuries to break down?

Unfortunately, this is the reality of single-use plastics. Over 400 million tons of plastic are produced yearly, 36% of that for single-use items like packaging and straws. What happens to all that plastic after we're done with it? Almost 85% of it ends up in landfills, where it will sit for hundreds or even thousands of years.

There are many reasons why this is problematic. Firstly, it has taken up valuable space in landfills for centuries that could be used for meaningful use. Yet, as the population grows, we will need more land to house several human activities such as farming or putting up industries. As plastics take up more and more of that land, there will be less and less room for productive human activity to thrive.

It also creates environmental hazards. When plastic breaks down, it releases harmful toxins into the soil and water. These toxins can then make their way into the food chain, where they can cause health problems for both animals and humans, such as reproductive health problems. So what can be done about this problem? The simple solution is to use biodegradable items. 

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