New Product Showcase: 3" Label Dispenser

Dot It is excited to offer a new 3” label dispenser to our excellent product list. The label dispenser featured a patented design. It is a must-have for your commercial kitchen, as it will help you keep your labels organized, clean, and easily reachable.


The 3” label dispenser fits a single 3” label roll, or a combination of 1” and 2” labels. The dispenser has non-skid feet and a plastic cover to keep your labels clean, dry, and free from food stains. Rolls of labels can be easily loaded into the dispenser and secured in place with a locking the plastic cover.

The 3” Label Dispenser weighs less than half a pound. It can easily hang on a standard restaurant rack, allowing for convenient use. It is also built sturdy enough to sit by itself on your kitchen counter.


Check out the brand new 3” label dispenser and other great products from Dot It.