"This Surface Has Been Sanitized" - All New Housekeeping & Sanitized Labels

What are "Sanitized" Labels?

Sanitized labels alert customers that additional steps have been taken to clean and sanitize surfaces such as work stations, tables, POS systems, and doorways. As businesses reopen, these "Sanitized" labels will help to ease the minds of your customers and employees. All sanitized labels feature messaging that the surface has been sanitized as well as space to write employee signature, time, or date of last cleaning.

2"X2" Sanitized Label 3" Circle Sanitized Label.75" Sanitized Label

Sanitized Label Adhesive Guide

Sanitized labels are available in two label adhesive types:

  • Mighty Peel is a durable, plastic material with a special removable adhesive that allows the label to remove cleanly every time. Mighty Peel is water-resistant and ideal for durability.
  • Ultra-Removable is a removable adhesive with a basic paper face. Ultra-Removable labels are cost-effective and remove cleanly.

Where can use "Sanitized" Labels be used?

Sanitized labels can be used for a varitey of applications, including:

  • Housekeeping - Housekeeping labels are ideal for use in hotel and hospitality settings to seal doorways, within guest rooms, and in common areas by the pool.
  • Restaurants - Restaurants use sanitized labels most frequently on POS systems, tables, chairs, doorways, and condiment stations.
  • Retail - Retail stores most often use sanitized labels in changing areas, product displays, and as cash register.
  • Education/Higher Learning - Schools K-12 and universities use sanitized labels in cafeterias and common areas like libraries and student unions.

Communicate the standards your business has put in place to clean and sanitize surfaces. With sanitized labels, others are informed when the last time an area was cleaned and sanitized. Any surface that has frequent traffic or touchpoints is a good candidate for a sanitized label. After cleaning and sanitizing a room, employees can seal the doorway closed with a sanitized label to let customers know the room has not been entered prior to their arrival, giving guests peace of mind the room is clean and safe to enter.

Customize Sanitized Labels With Your Branding

All Sanitized labels can be customized to fit your needs and branding. This includes different sizes, shapes, and label material. Learn more about Dot It's custom sanitized labels by emailing sales@dotit.com or call 800-642-3687.