Top Restaurant trends  2023

The evolution of restaurant practices points to the integration of labor, technology, marketing, and culinary emerging trends. Delivery services, sustainability, and eco-friendly food packaging have become crucial components of the restaurant ecosystem, making them the principal restaurant trends. Many restaurants are turning to QR menus, delivery drones, and more restaurant automation. With so many changes taking place, it's essential to monitor restaurant trends to stay competitive and provide a better experience for customers

Restaurant Trends - Labor

restaurants labor shortage

The restaurant industry is poised to face various labor shifts that will significantly impact the restaurant industry in 2023-2025. That means restaurants have to plan ahead and prepare for the changes.

  • Automation is expected to continue to increase within restaurant trends, with robots taking on more of the tasks that traditionally were done by human employees. This will increase efficiency and cost savings for restaurants while also allowing them to maintain higher levels of cleanliness and safety.
  • A tipped wage increase is expected in the restaurant industry as the minimum wage continues to rise. This will provide restaurant workers with better pay and job security while also increasing the costs.

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Restaurant Trends - Technology