​You’re Invited to Restaurant Recovery Week, April 20-24

Restaurants are one of the few businesses allowed to continue somewhat normal operations during the pandemic. However, the restaurant industry has not gone uninterrupted during this time. Because of this, a few industry information leaders have created a week of helpful webinars entitles Restaurant Recovery Week.

Restaurant Recovery Week will go from April 20th to 24th. The week will hold several webinars, giving information on both the current restaurant situation as well as how to succeed in the future. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, April 20th - Off-Premises as the New Normal
  • Tuesday, April 21st - Real Estate Update: Restaurant Operator Tactics Today and Opportunity for the Future
  • Wednesday, April 22nd - How Restaurants Can Survive and Thrive?
  • Thursday, April 23rd - Franchisor Solutions for Franchisees Now!
  • Friday, April 24th - Restaurant Analyst Outlook: The Long View of the Industry

Dot It will be featured in Monday’s webinar, Off-Premises as the New Normal. Register here to save your spot!