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Custom Logo Labels

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Give Your Brand a Boost with Custom Logo Labels and Stickers

No one understands the need for high-quality logo printing services better than Dot It. Our custom logo labels and stickers are an easy way to promote your unique brand and logo.

Personalized logo stickers, customized logo tags, brand identity labels, and branded packaging give your business the visibility it needs. Not only do you gain immediate brand identification, custom logo labels also allow you to build a distinct brand identity, exuding a professionalism that is sure to resonate with both new and existing customers.

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Custom Logo Label Printing for Everything You Need

Elevate your brand with vibrant designs that leave a lasting impression on new and existing customers. We print custom logo stickers that adhere to food packaging, bag tags, delivery packaging, food container seal stickers, swag stickers, promotional products, product identification, water bottle stickers, notebooks, boxes, jars, bottles, and more.

Get logo label printing for businesses of all types, including food service, retail, schools, and education. No matter what you’re looking for, our high-quality custom logo stickers and labels build customer awareness in and ensures your logo gets the attention it deserves. 

Custom Logo Labels and Stickers

Custom Water Bottle Stickers

 Food Container Seal Stickers

High-Quality Materials for a High-Quality Experience

Dot It offers a variety of custom food label types to suit your unique food service business needs and applications. We offer a variety of materials for food packaging labels and food label stickers, including:

  • Custom Semi-Gloss Labels
  • Clear Bopp labels
  • Custom Brown Kraft Paper Labels | Recycled Paper
  • Custom Metallic Foil Labels and Stickers 

Custom Logo Label Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question about customized logo branding labels or stickers?  Take a look at our label printing FAQ section to learn more.

How do I get started with custom logo label printing?

For just a quick quote on what your brand identity labels, logo branding stickers, and personalized logo labels and stickers might cost request custom label quote .Start a new account with us by clicking here.

And if you have any questions about getting started, get in touch with Dot It’s team of custom print experts.

Are there options for rush or expedited logo label printing?

Yes, we offer rush printing options for customers who need their logo branding labels and stickers in a hurry. Contact our customer support for details at

What are the pricing options for personalized logo labels and stickers?

Our pricing is based on factors like quantity, size, material, and customization. You can get a quote on our website by filling out this form or by contacting our sales team at 

Does Dot It have quality assurance measures in place? 

Dot It is AIB and NSF, so we have strict quality control processes to ensure your logo labels and stickers meet industry standards and your specific requirements. 

What is your shipping and return policies on custom labels?

We offer various shipping options, and we are always transparent about our pricing. We happily offer a return policy that covers issues related to any product defects or errors you might encounter.

Is there an option bulk or wholesale pricing for large custom logo label orders?

Absolutely! We provide discounts for bulk and wholesale orders on all your logo labels and stickers. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs. 

Can I order logo and branding labels and stickers for personal use, or just for businesses?

We happily serve both businesses and individuals. Whether you need labels for your products or personal projects, Dot It is here for you. 

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