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The New Normal: No-Contact, Tamper-Evident Delivery

The current climate has given rise to a new type of delivery customer—one who takes additional precautions for food entering the home and has new expectations for a no-contact, tamper-evident delivery option. How can restaurants prepare? And, what marketing tactics can restaurants employ to stay ahead of the competition throughout 2020 and beyond?

In this 3-in-1 white paper, we break down:

  • Steps for implementing no-contact delivery [Printable Checklist]
  • Tamper-evident solutions in the market
  • What big brands are doing
  • Key phrases, messaging & hashtags to use
  • >Actionable Google My Business tips

Download this comprehensive guide on what restaurants can do now to ensure long-term viability and what measures to take once the foodservice sector resumes normal operations.

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