Are Order Pads Necessary for Small Restaurants?

Whether you are a large restaurant or a small restaurant, order pads are one of the most important tools that your waitstaff will use daily. Some smaller restaurants may think they don’t need to have their waitstaff write down their customers’ orders on an order pad. But even small restaurants should utilize waiter order pads. Taking orders this way may seem old-fashioned, but sometimes the old-fashioned approach is the better, more efficient, and more error-proof method.

Order pads come in many different forms. From one and two parts to carbon and carbonless, guest checks provide a simple and effective way for your waitstaff to take orders. Most order pads already come prenumbered, are horizontally lined, and contain boxes. These pads help keep everything you wrote down at the table organized and clear for your kitchen staff to read.

So, why are order pads necessary for small restaurants?

  • Better Organization
  • Standardization Across Servers
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Professional


Order pads keep both your waitstaff and your kitchen staff organized. A crowded restaurant can become chaotic for the staff, so anything that can add an element of organization will not only save time but keep everyone working efficiently and calmly. Order pads are designed to help the waitstaff and the kitchen communicate. They will also help make sure each customer gets the correct food in a reasonable amount of time.


With order pads, you can train your entire waitstaff to write down customer orders the same way every time. Creating a standard approach to order recording helps build consistency between your waitstaff and the kitchen staff. With a standardized approach to order taking, the kitchen staff will know exactly where to look on each check to find out how to prepare meals for the customers. This standardization increases the operating efficiency of your restaurant.


Order pads help to improve the accuracy of customers getting what they asked for. When orders are jotted down on an order pad, the odds of a mistake or miscommunication between the waitstaff and the kitchen happens less frequently. This printed document helps to ensure your customers will receive the correct food. It also helps the waitstaff know what table to deliver the food to.


If you are a customer at a restaurant, seeing a waiter walk up to your table holding an order pad can make you feel at ease. You won’t have to worry about them misremembering your order when they relay it back to the kitchen. Using order pads is a sign that despite being a small restaurant, your establishment intends to focus on the details and get all customer orders correct. Order pads will also provide your restaurant with another restaurant item to add your logo to, which can lead to a better overall impression with the customer.

Let us supply your restaurant, whether large or small, with all your order pads! You can order GuestChecks™ that fit your needs perfectly. Guest checks come in single and two copy checks and carbon and carbonless.