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Compostable, plant-based packaging & labeling software solution

PlanglowUSA is a multi-award winning eco-friendly packaging and labeling software solution for brands seeking green alternatives to traditional disposables and catering items. Our collections feature artisan-style packaging designs that are plant-based and made from 100% compostable materials. Even the windows and liners are made from plants! Paired with our labeling software, LabelLogic Live, eco-friendly packaging and labeling just got easier and more efficient.

Packaging Collections


The Gastro Collection is a comprehensive range of premium deli-style products. The striking chalk-on-slate packaging design creates an excellent presentation for fine foods and ingredients. Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials, the Gastro Collection creates a premium yet affordable artisan-style presentation that’s green and gourmet to-go!

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The Natural Collection features a rustic, natural-looking packaging design, made from fully compostable, plant-based materials. This collection of eco-friendly packaging solutions is available in a wide range of products that are both earth-kind and easy to store. Beautiful packaging options for eco-friendly brands.

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Our multi-award-winning Street Food Packaging Range is compostable, sustainable and perfect for hot street-style take-out foods. Made from strong triple-corrugated kraft board, the Street Food packaging range includes five sizes of boxes to cover all your take-out needs, from starters and hamburgers, to larger entrée boxes with plenty of room for sides and salads.

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Print labels anytime, anywhere, on any device

LabelLogic Live is our groundbreaking cloud-based label printing application, developed to meet the ever changing needs of modern foodservice operators. It is the cornerstone of our labeling solution, enabling customers to print professional label content onto our high quality labels and then apply them to our compostable packaging to create a first class “grab and go” presentation.

Flexible, intuitive, editable and easy to use, LabelLogic Live is a completely web-based application. It can be accessed immediately from ANY device that is connected to the internet. This means no more waiting for IT to install your software and no more sheet allocation.

Compostable Packaging Disposal

How Can I Dispose of Planglow USA's Compostable Packaging?

We only supply packaging that is made from compostable, plant based materials and never oil based plastics.

Why Compostables?

Packaging which contains traces of food cannot be recycled, neither can packaging made from mixed materials (products such as card wedges with a plastic film would be challenging), whereas compostable packaging and food waste is a perfect combination. We recognize that an ideal solution for the disposal of food to go packaging is an ongoing goal that we are all striving for, and we do not encourage or support littering or landfill disposal of compostable packaging.

Most of our products are home compostable, so should they end up at a customer’s home they can be composted along with the usual garden and vegetable peelings waste. This applies to the following Planglow USA products.

  • • All film lined packaging (sandwich boxes, salad packs and wrap packs)
  • • Windowed bags

For more information on composting, anaerobic digestion or organics collection please visit the excellent, and; a free directory of composting, anaerobic digestion sites and organics collection services in the U.S. and Canada, created and managed by BioCycle magazine and sponsored by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

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