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  1. 7 Times Guest Checks Were Featured on TV

    7 Times Guest Checks Were Featured on TV

    Restaurant guest checks are a very common site for anyone that dines out. They may even be common to those who stay in, however. Order pads have made several appearances on the big screen, from commercials to TV shows to movies. Here are 7 times guest checks were featured on TV.

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  2. Server Supplies You Can’t Live Without

    Server Supplies You Can’t Live Without

    When it comes to operating a restaurant, keeping track of supply inventory is one of the less exciting parts of the job. Front-of-house items that are used every day are easy to overlook in a busy restaurant. However, your servers always need to be equipped with essential supplies, just like kitchen staff. We’ve rounded up some of the most important and essential server supplies that will ensure an efficient restaurant.

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  3. Order Pad and Guest Check Buying Guide

    Order Pad and Guest Check Buying Guide

    Order pads, also called restaurant guest checks, are an essential item that all restaurants need. But what you may not know is that there are several different features and styles of order pads that you can choose to use at your restaurant. Deciding which order pad is the best one for your restaurant can seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, all you must do is consult OrderPad's handy and helpful order pad buying guide for order pads to learn everything you need to know before purchasing them.

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  4. Are Order Pads Necessary for Small Restaurants?

    Are Order Pads Necessary for Small Restaurants?

    Whether you are a large restaurant or a small restaurant, order pads are one of the most important tools that your waitstaff will use daily. Some smaller restaurants may think they don’t need to have their waitstaff write down their customers’ orders on an order pad. But even small restaurants should utilize waiter order pads. Taking orders this way may seem old-fashioned, but sometimes the old-fashioned approach is the better, more efficient, and more error-proof method.

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  5. How to Use Order Pads

    How to Use Order Pads

    If you are planning to work on the waitstaff at a restaurant, one of the first things you will need to learn is how the restaurant expects you to take orders from customers. Most will give you order pads to record the guests’ food and drink orders. Once recorded, you will drop the order sheet off with the kitchen staff so that they know what food to prepare and for what table.

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