How to Use Order Pads

If you are planning to work on the waitstaff at a restaurant, one of the first things you will need to learn is how the restaurant expects you to take orders from customers. Most will give you order pads to record the guests’ food and drink orders. Once recorded, you will drop the order sheet off with the kitchen staff so that they know what food to prepare and for what table.

Order pads are small carbon or carbonless sheets that can fit inside a back or apron pocket. It is important as a member of the waitstaff to always have your restaurant order pads with you when visiting a table. Your order pads allow you to take or update an order, but you can also double-check orders with guests to make sure everything communicated correctly.

Knowing how to properly use an order pad is a crucial skill that your waitstaff will use every day for each customer.

Once you have greeted the customer at the table and asked if they are ready order, it is time to pull out your order pads and start recording what each guest will be having. Make note on the top of the order sheet of the number of guests, the table numbers, date, and your initials so the rest of the staff knows who took the order.

Order pads are typically horizontally lined, so it is easy to write down each person’s order. You will want to make any additional special requests or changes in this section. Most order pads are already sequentially numbered to help you keep track of which orders came first.

Once you have written each person’s order down and made any other special notes, it is now time to deliver the order sheet to the kitchen so they can prepare the food.

Making sure your entire waitstaff follows the same procedure when it comes to filling out order pads will help to ensure an efficient and well-organized kitchen. In the end, it's up to your restaurant managers to determine the best way for your waitstaff to take down orders.

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