7 Times Guest Checks Were Featured on TV

Restaurant guest checks are a very common site for anyone that dines out. They may even be common to those who stay in, however. Order pads have made several appearances on the big screen, from commercials to TV shows to movies. Here are 7 times guest checks were featured on TV.

Capital One x Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s familiar face pops up in Capital One’s latest commercial, in which she is a struggling waitress in different settings. This commercial features a great close up shot of a GuestCheck™ that Swift drew a cat on. Even big-time celebrities need order pads to remember orders and serve guests.

Progressive in the Super Bowl

Progressive’s Super Bowl commercial hilariously breaks down the fourth wall, as diners ask if they’re featured in a progressive video when a familiar Progressive face stops by to take their order. The waiter, holding a restaurant GuestCheck™, laughs and calls out to another waitress named Pam that is portrayed by Progressive’s infamous Flo. They discuss the Name Your Price tool while another Progressive commercial plays on a TV in the background.


Friends was a top television sitcom that debuted in the 90’s. However, this comedy lives on in the hearts of loyal fans that stream it regularly. It also features Rachel as a waitress in Central Perk during its earlier seasons, while she is transitioning from using her parents’ money to supporting herself. Several times throughout the show you can spot her taking down orders on order pads. While she’s bound to get them wrong, you can use order pads to keep guest orders in line, efficient, and correct.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is another show from a different decade – until it got a Netflix reboot in 2018. In both the original and the reboot, the Gilmore girls are often seen at Luke’s Diner, ordering food that makes you wonder how they’re both so thin. Luke Danes – the owner and an ongoing love interest – is seen bringing them coffee and taking their order. Guess what he used? Order pads!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Video game character turned movie star; Sonic is a little blue hedgehog with remarkable speed. In his new movie that released February 2020, Sonic is in danger of being captured by an evil villain. However, on his quest with James Marsden, Sonic stops and wanders into a bar. There, he steals a page from the waitress’s order pad to write down his bucket list. While not their original use, lined order pads would make a handy template for a bucket list.

Waitress the Musical

Both Waitress the movie (2007) and Waitress the Musical (2015) portray a lovable waitress named Jenna. Jenna journeys through pie contests and her rocky marriage. Both charming and funny, we follow Jenna as she aspires to find a better life – and bake the perfect pie. Of course, both the movie and the musical feature order pads numerous times.

Quentin Tarantino Movies

Quentin Tarantino has no shortage of guns in his movies. He also has no shortage of diner and restaurant scenes. These scenes go hand-in-hand with order pads – waitresses have to take orders somehow, even when they’re actresses. Movies like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs feature scenes with grungy tables and the ever-present order pad in the hand of a server.

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