Freebirds Swag Management & Fulfillment (Case Study)


Dot It creates a swag fulfillment program for Freebirds, including mass swag order fulfillment and a white-labeled retail storefront.

The Client

Freebirds World Burrito is a fast casual Tex-Mex restaurant concept based in Austin, TX. Freebirds began in College Station in 1990, and has since grown to 55 locations spread across Texas.

The Challenge

Prior to the partnership with Dot It, Freebirds was seeking a better way to manage and fulfill their customer rewards program, including mass swag orders and a white-labeled retail storefront.

Freebirds had an existing loyalty progrm app and wanted to partner with a distribution company to handle the order processing, invoicing, warehousing and distribution of all their branded merchandise in a white-labeled online retail experience.


The fulfillment program created for Freebirds had three main goals:

    1. Process integration with Freebirds loyalty app
    2. Bulk swag order import for quick order processing
    3. White-label retail storefront that matched the main Freebirds website

The Solution

Dot It created a branded merchandise fulfillment program for Freebirds that included a process integration with their existing loyalty program app to process all incoming swag orders as well as a white-labeled retail storefront. The turnkey fulfillment solution included sourcing new branded merchandise to add to the web portal, account support, warehousing, and distribution to locations across the U.S.Dot It custom built a web portal matching the existing Freebirds domain and white-labeled order and shipping notifications to ensure users had an optimal online shopping experience.

Freebirds has access to custom reporting for in depth analysis into inventory usage, product levels, and site-level sales to better evaluate the program's effectiveness and reach.

"Dot It’s white-label solution allowed us to get up and online with our new merchandise storefront very quickly, while maintaining our brand DNA."

- Eric Coolbaugh, VP of Marketing, Freebirds

The Results

Since its inception, Dot It has processed over 40,000 swag orders to better facilitate the Freebirds loyalty app program and retail site. With fulfillment taken off their plate, Freebirds is able to focus on other aspects of their business.

Learn more about Dot It’s swag management program online or contact us at or 800-642.3687.

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