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Improved Label Operations Help Restaurants Address Staff Shortages and High Turnover

Labor shortages are nothing new in a post-pandemic economy. The restaurant industry, however, was hit harder than most. While finding quality, consistent staff has always been a challenge for restaurants, the problem has only gotten worse. 400,000 workers are currently missing from U.S. service industry jobs compared to pre-COVID, and restaurant owners have really felt the sting: A recent National Restaurant Association survey found that 62% of restaurant operators don’t have enough employees to meet customer demand.

Unfortunately – as reported by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – there is no sign of relief: Restaurant staffing shortages are expected to persist into the foreseeable future. Many restaurants are turning to less conventional methods to address the issue, some even looking to robots to help fill the labor gap. But restaurant changes need not be so drastic. In fact, a much simpler solution can help make labor pains go away.

One solution is labeling

Labels are the unsung hero of every kitchen in America, and improving labeling operations can help mitigate the pain of staff shortages and high turnover. How? Let’s break it down.

How Labels Help Address Restaurant Labor Shortages

restaurant food labeling system to Reduce Labor Costs

Less staff means restaurants need to function efficiently with less support. Simplifying daily tasks like labeling is therefore the key to success.

Automate Your Labeling to Reduce Labor Costs

Restaurants can shift the burden of label creation and management to automated labeling systems and reduce the amount of labor needed internally. Labeling prep items and products by hand can take up to an hour of an employee’s time while utilizing custom labels and automated labeling machines like the DateCodeGenie can streamline the labeling process and eliminate unnecessary extra steps

Utilize Print-on-Demand to Print Only What You Need

Additionally, custom print-on-demand services allow businesses to only print the labels they need, cutting back on waste and the need for excess labor simultaneously. Labels can also be designed to include specific information and branding, reducing the need for additional printing and labeling processes for individual products and items.

Third-Party Print Fulfillment Partners Free Up Internal Staff

Print Fulfillment Partners to reduce restaurant labor shortage

Improved labeling operations help restaurants to do more with less, allowing managers to operate more efficiently with a lean staff – but a staff that is also supported and satisfied in their work, making them less likely to jump ship. Improving operations in both the front and back of the house through custom label printing and fulfillment services creates a work environment ideal for growth and lets everyone on the team spend their time on the things that matter most.

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