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Custom Labels

  1. Sustainable Custom Label Solutions

    sustainable custom label solutions eco-friendly materials

    When discussing custom labels, it is common to focus only on what is printed – the branding, the logo, and the information presented. Equally important, however, is the type of label material, and the impact custom label materials have on the environment.

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  2. Understanding Different Custom Label Types and Materials

    Understanding Different Types and materials of Custom Labels

    Custom labels are the best way to draw attention and set your company apart. Whether for products, promotions, packaging and more, custom-printed labels are sure to make a lasting impact on new and existing customers. However, it can be hard to understand your various label customization options, or what to look for when employing label printing services. Here are the differences between label types and materials, including paper labels, Kraft labels, metallic foil labels, clear labels, and more.

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  3. Give Your Brand a Boost with Custom Labels from Dot It

    Give Your Brand a Boost with Custom Labels from Dot It

    Most people take labels for granted. Such an integral piece of our shopping experience, and yet so commonplace it can be easy to forget they are there – and how much time and effort it takes to make them. It’s crucial then for a business to have custom labels for food packaging that stand out, that catch the eye of potential or returning customers with dynamic branding and high-quality materials. And it’s equally important for those labels to be as accurate, efficient, and useful as possible once the product is in their hands.

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  4. Does Your C-Store Need Grab and Go Labels?

    Does Your C-Store Need Grab and Go Food Labels?

    Grab-and-go meals offer an excellent way for convenience stores to compete with restaurants and supermarkets. Most of your customers come to your c-store because it’s convenient; here’s your chance to make it more than that and increase loyalty and sales. As they shop for emergency items, they now have the option of having a meal ready to go too. 

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  5. The To-Go Alcohol Must-Haves For Your Restaurant Menu

    the to-go alcohol must-haves for your restaurant menu

    Many states have amended regulations allowing restaurants to deliver alcohol beverages. That gave birth to the to-go alcohol and cocktails trend, liquor made on-site by a licensed operator. As of May 2021, 20 states continue to allow to-go cocktails and alcohol delivery. Some states require restaurants to use tamper-evident labels & packing supplies to seal alcoholic beverages in accordance with state laws and regulations. Dot It provides SecureIt™ alcohol to-go labels that safely secure alcoholic beverages and cocktails for takeout and delivery orders in accordance with state alcohol laws. Take a look at the most popular to-go cocktail and alcoholic drinks to include on your restaurant’s menu.

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  6. Label Requirements for CBD and Cannabis Products

    label requirements for cbd and cannabis products

    CBD and cannabis products have inevitably joined the mainstream market after their legalization in several states. But as much as these products are now legal, they must meet various regulations and packaging standards before their commercial distribution and subsequent sale. The cannabis industry has fairly stringent requirements as far as packaging and labeling are concerned. According to the current guidelines, cannabis product labels must feature on all CBD and cannabis goods for compliance purposes.
    Even though regulations vary from state to state, you cannot legally sell cannabis-related products, including edibles, oils, sprays, topicals, and medical marijuana, without cannabis packaging labels. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you need to know about label requirements for CBD, cannabis, or medical marijuana products.


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