benefits of tamper-evident Labels for food packaging

The age of on-demand food delivery is here with us. More customers are now ordering food online instead of eating out at eateries, fast-food joints, and restaurants because of its convenience.

Nevertheless, food products are always a prime target for tampering. Some deliverers openly confess of having taken out food from an order, while others admit they can’t resist the inviting aroma. 

Don't take chances when it comes to your customer orders and satisfaction. Take advantage of the many benefits of custom tamper-evident labels for food packaging

What Are Tamper-Evident Labels?

Tamper-evident labels ensure the safety of unopened food packaging and containers during delivery as per industry standards and regulations. 

Tamper-evident labels do not prevent tampering per se but shed light on whether a deliverer has opened a food package before reaching the customer. They provide visible evidence if someone tampers with the product. 

One of the major benefits of tamper-evident labels you discourage product tampering and have visible signs of malicious activity before the product gets to the customer. These seals aim to prevent third parties from compromising the product’s integrity and alert the customer in case of broken seals or closures.

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Benefits of Tamper-Evident Labels

Eateries, restaurants, cafes, and fast-food joints that offer food delivery services can benefit significantly from using tamper-evident labels for food packaging. Here is a list of the top benefits of tamper-evident seals:

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Prevent Food Contamination

Tamper-evident labels discourage deliverers and third parties from opening food packages while on transit, reducing the risk of contamination. The tamper-proof labels seal the food packages securely, ensuring no germs get inside the container. A broken seal indicates tampering or any other malicious activity, meaning the food is probably no longer safe due to contamination. 

Promote Food Safety

Using tamper-evident labels for food packaging promotes safety per industry standards and regulations. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) requires food handlers to meet specific safety regulations when packaging food to protect consumers from harm. Using these tamper-proof labels also shows customers that you care about their safety, helping build trust, loyalty, and stronger relationships in the long run.

Avert Health Concerns

By preventing food contamination and promoting safety, tamper-evident labels help avert various health concerns. Many chronic conditions and disorders emanate from consuming contaminated food. The labels work as seals to ensure the food packaging is safe and secure. The customer will avoid consuming the food in case of any visible evidence of tampering.

Quality Control

Custom tamper-evident labels for food packaging are an integral part of your quality control measures. They ensure the quality of the product is intact unless the package gets tampered with along the way. With added post-preparation quality control, tamper-evident labels can help boost confidence in-restaurant pickup and delivery services.

No Food/Beverages Spillage

There are some food or beverages items that can spill easily, like soups and fountain drinks, especially during transit. Tamper evident packaging with strong adhesive labels/ stickers provides strong seals that prevent food spillage despite bumpy rides.

Customer Satisfaction

According to various consumer surveys, over 85% of customers want restaurants to use tamper-evident labels for food packaging. Using tamper-evident seals can go a long way to boost your reputation and build trust with your clientele base. It will also lead to customer satisfaction and enhanced loyalty. 

Saves Money

Another major benefit of tamper-evident labels is a cost-effective solution to securing customer orders. Using these sealing labels discourages deliverers from tampering with the package, ensuring a reduced rate of returns and refunds. You can also customize your tamper-evident labels to include printed receipts, so you don’t have to print them separately. 


Dot It offers SecureIt™ register roll receipt labels that fit into your existing POS system so you are able to print details of your customer's order directly onto a SecureIt™ tamper-evident label. This dual-application label offers a cost-effective solution to printing receipts and safely securing customer orders simultaneously. Custom tamper-evident labels save money in the long term.

Compliance with State Laws

Some states require restaurants to use tamper-evident labels - packing supplies to seal alcoholic beverages, soups, and other drinks in accordance with state laws and regulations. Using these seals indicates that your business is compliant with the law.