Give Your Brand a Boost with Custom Labels from Dot It

Custom Labels are Essential for Brand Awareness

Most people take labels for granted. Such an integral piece of our shopping experience, and yet so commonplace it can be easy to forget they are there – and how much time and effort it takes to make them. It’s crucial then for a business to have custom labels for food packaging that stand out, that catch the eye of potential or returning customers with dynamic branding and high-quality materials. And it’s equally important for those labels to be as accurate, efficient, and useful as possible once the product is in their hands.

This is where we come in. We offer:

  • Custom stickers – with a very low minimum order quantity and fast turnaround making it easy to meet your branding needs
  • Custom labels for food containers and all food packaging – ideal for grab-and-go and prepackaged food items
  • Custom tamper evident labels – to keep delivery and takeout orders as safe and secure as possible

Why Custom Labels Are So Important?

Let’s be honest. We would love for you to choose Dot It for all your labeling needs. We are the best at what we do, and our custom label program is second to none. But that’s not what this blog is about (well, not the only thing…). We want you to be well-informed on exactly why custom labeling, and having a strong labeling partner, is so important to the success of your business.

custom stickers no minimum

Let’s break it down.

Custom Labels Boost Brand Awareness

Custom labels for food packaging can be a powerful branding tool. Not only do they help increase visibility and recognition for your business and products, but they can leave a lasting impact on the customer when they stand out from the crowd.

Custom Labels Enhance Food Packaging

Beyond simple recognition, strong, visually appealing, informative labels elevate food packaging, conveying important product details and key information so your customers always know exactly what they’re getting. This not only increases the likelihood they’ll make the purchase but also builds

 loyalty and trust so they’ll come back again and again.

Tamper-Evident Means Food Is Safe and Secure 

Aesthetics are crucial to success, as we established above. But the security of a product is just as important. Custom tamper-evident seals assure your customers their product is safe, and that it hasn’t been messed with by anyone. Learn more about  Custom SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels   

Custom Labels Are Perfect for Promotions

Custom labels allow you to showcase limited-time offers, and special features, or add QR codes to drive sales through ease of access. Anything short-term or temporary can be conveyed through a custom label without any permanent alterations to your brand.

Finding a trusted printer that offers custom stickers with very low minimum quantity or no minimum quantity and fast turnaround means you never have to worry about labels again.

At the end of the day, it’s all about ensuring your customers get what they need from your products. Labels are a simple and effective way for you to reach people, earn their trust, and guarantee they come back again. Are custom labels from Dot It the best ones for you? We certainly think so. But we’ll leave it for you to decide.

Take a look and get started today. Visit custom labels page  or contact us today at to discuss your custom label requirements and receive a competitive quote.