The desire for takeout and on-the-go food has been on the rise for years, long before COVID-19 entered into our lives. People want to know that the food they order through their favorite delivery app, like UberEats or Doordash, is safe and free from prying hands. This is why tamper-proof labels are so important, and the need will only grow as time passes. Tamper-proof labels are becoming more important and more vital, and can help to provide a layer of confidence for customers. And in the current climate, consumer confidence is crucial for a company’s success. 


A research survey conducted by US Foods, found that one out of every 4 delivery drivers admit to eating your food during transport. Fifty-four percent of drivers alo admitted to being tempted by the smell of the customers' food. For restaurants, as well as customers, this is a problem. Restaurants want their customers to feel safe and secure that they are receiving their food order free from the hands and mouth of a delivery driver. The same study found that customers find this behavior unacceptable, with 85 percent of respondents saying they would recommend adding tamper-proof labels to food packaging. 


The State of California recently implemented the Fair Food Delivery Act, which states “all bags or containers in which ready-to-eat foods are being transported or delivered from a food facility to a customer through a third-party food delivery platform shall be closed by the food facility with a tamper-evident method prior to the food deliverer, who transports and delivers ready-to-eat food for the third-party food delivery platform, taking possession of the ready-to-eat food.” California’s food act went into effect January 2021, and could be the beginning of a snowball effect of other states creating their own food delivery legislation. 


SecureIt can help remedy this problem thanks to their tamper-proof labels that are ideal for to-go, food delivery, and catering packaging. These labels help add peace of mind for both restaurant owners and customers. These labels are effective at keeping delivery drivers from eating your food.


Benefits of SecureIt Labels

  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Adheres to textured packaging
  • Have extra-strong adhesive, keeping them securely in place
  • Tears if your food has been tampered with

SecureIt offers a number of tamper-proof products that provide protection on a number of delivery and takeout packaging products.

SecureIt Products

  • SecureIt Register Rolls combines printing a receipt with securing food packaging.This cost-effective label is a great option for your food delivery packaging. 
  • SecureIt Alcohol To-Go Labels keep your alcoholic beverages free from tampering, as well as comply with state alcohol laws. 
  • SecureIt Bag Delivery System stops delivery drivers from even seeing your food. These adhesive labels keep your food safe and secure in a paper bag.


Other SecureIt Label Applications

  • Grocery store delivery
  • Direct to consumer deliveries of laundry detergent and soaps
  • Critical and high value shipments
  • Pharmaceutical items. 

Learn more about the SecureIt tamper-proof labels that all the other amazing services Dot It can provide your business. Let Dot It help protect your brand, eliminate headaches, and lower costs today!