The Key to Successful Curbside Pickup (Plus Examples)

The takeout and delivery business is not slowing down. That means it’s time to make sure your curbside pickup process is smooth and quick for your customers. But how do you set up curbside pickup successfully?

The key to successful curbside pickup is simple: great signage. Good signage will include a few things…

  • Readable design and text
  • Correct and important information
  • Good placement

Creating a readable curbside delivery sign.

Your curbside signs will not be successful if your customers are not able to read them. To avoid this problem, there are a few steps you can take.

Limit text. You will want to limit the amount of information you include on the signs. Less text will make the signs simple and easy to read. Only include important and relevant information. You will also want to make sure the text you do include is large enough for customers to read from their cars.

Include your branding. Restaurant branding is very important information to include on your signage. Including your branding on your curbside signs is especially important if you share a parking lot with another restaurant. Customers want to make sure they are in the right place to receive their food.

Information to include on your curbside signs.

While we do recommend limiting the information, there are a few important things you should include on your curbside pickup signage. This information will help ensure your customers and your employees know what to do.

Branding. We said it before – restaurant branding is very important. You want to ensure your customers recognize and remember your brand, especially with the lack of indoor dining. It’s easy to forget what you’re eating if there is no branding on your signage or packaging. Keep your brand top-of-mind starting with the takeout experience.

Phone numbers. This may seem self-explanatory, but a phone number is a vital piece of information to include on your curbside pickup signage. If there is no phone number visible for your customers, they may have to spend time searching your site for the right number. Forgetting or neglecting to add a phone number can cause your customers needless frustration.

Spot numbers. This piece of information should be included on your curbside signage is beneficial a few reasons. A spot number will make it easier for employees to locate the vehicle that the order belongs to. This will help streamline your curbside pickup process, reducing wait times and ultimately leading to happier customers.

Curbside signage example

Information you should include on your curbside pickup signs

  • Brand
  • Number to Call
  • Spot Number

Curbside Signage Placement

If you have great curbside signage but poor placement, the signs will not benefit your or your customers. Make sure your restaurant places signs in spots that customers will be able to see quickly.

Curbside pickup signage example

If your curbside pickup spots are hidden or out of the way, include some directional curbside signage. This will tell customers where to go, reducing frustrations and increasing pickup speed. These signs can be simple, like a custom branded directional sidewalk sign.

Big Brands with Successful Curbside Pickup

Which Wich

Curbside pickup signage example - Which Wich

Source: Which Wich Facebook


Curbside pickup signage example - Chili's

Source: Chili's Twitter Feed


Curbside pickup signage example - Chick-fil-a

Source: Restaurant Business News

Jason’s Deli

Curbside pickup signage example - Jason's Deli

Source: Jason's Deli (950 Ed Noble Dr, Norman, OK) Facebook

Outback Steakhouse

Curbside pickup signage example - Outback Steakhouse

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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