Does Your C-Store Need Grab and Go Food Labels?

Grab-and-go meals offer an excellent way for convenience stores to compete with restaurants and supermarkets. Most of your customers come to your c-store because it’s convenient; here’s your chance to make it more than that and increase loyalty and sales by adding Grab and Go labels. As they shop for emergency items, they now have the option of having a meal ready to go too with your grab-and-go logo labels. 

Consumers are now more informed than ever and more cautious about their health. They expect transparency and full disclosure about what they’re eating. One of the best ways to do this and build trust and boost transparency is through custom labels or stickers for grab-and-go meals. A recent poll showed 84% of adults agree that the government should make it mandatory for all packaged food to include nutritional information. Another 60% say they would also like nutritional information on restaurant menus. 

 Benefits Of Adding Grab & Go Labels  

Premade and packaged meals are great for clients on the go. You really need this for your C-Store and partner with a grab-and-go label maker. Below are three reasons why you should get custom labels for grab-and-go meals: 

1. Keep Your Customers Informed with Grab and go labels 

All pre-packaged “grab-and-go” food items should contain a label that includes all of the following for transparency, building trust with your customers, and helping them understand your brand values

  • The name of the packaged product 
  • Product Ingredients
  • A list of common allergens contained in the product
  • Total weight of the product
  • Name and address of the production facility

convenience store custom labels

2. Grab and Go Labels Reduce Frequency Of Unnecessary Contact

Maintaining sanitary levels at your C-store is vital for the success of your business. One way of minimizing the spread of germs in your establishment is by reducing the number of employees or customers handling the grab-and-go food

Having clear and organized labels on the food items makes it easy for customers and employees to identify what they need without necessarily touching the items. A customer can read the label and decide to pick the item or leave it depending on whether it is what they want. 

secureIt™ tamper-evident labels for grab& go

3. Grab-and-Go Food stickers Reduce Wastage

It’s normal for convenience stores and other food service establishments to throw out expired or stale food. That typically happens because employees fail to track and separate the fresh food from the stale or expired. Labeling your premade meals with the preparation and sell-by-date labels allows employees to keep an inventory of what items need to sell fast. If necessary, you can even hold a sale on items close to expiring to prevent wastage and loss to your business.  

Custom Grab and Go Labeling Solutions From Dot It

Dot It, as a grab-and-go label maker and food prep labeling solution printer, helps food service establishments with creating FDA-compliant food labels/ stickers and nutritional labels for their grab-and-go food items. Dot It provides endless options of custom label types and usages such as product identification & promotional labels including SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels that are ideal for take-out, food delivery, and food catering packaging. SecureIt tamper-evident labels give your customers peace of mind that their food is safe and protected and can be customized to fit your grab & go program branding and design. Also, DateCodeGenie® automated labels allow convenience store owners and operators to add or change nutritional facts and ingredient information or customize the main layout of a food label

Contact us at 800-642-3687 or email for a quote. Learn more about custom labels for your restaurant or convenience store grab & go service.